How to choose a better hose crimping machine from China?

Hydraulic hose crimper
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May 30, 2017
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June 14, 2017

How to choose a better hose crimping machine from China?

Hose crimping machine China

Hose crimping machine China

How to choose a better hose crimping machine from China?


Mr. Gary from Australia,has a store for offering the hydraulic hose and fittings in local.2 years ago,he wanted to purchase one hose crimping machine,then he did the market research for a long time to choose one cheaper crimper,certainly the quality should be good.His target price is far away below our offer,because in his opinion,just like most traders,Chinese products should be with very low price.Before we confirm the order,he asked me one question:


The hydraulic hose crimper price is so different,so how to choose a better hose crimping machine with cheaper price in your country?


Many traders meet this common question when they choose their supplier,especially when you purchase something from China,there are about 1 billion 400 million people in China,there are many suppliers of your product, and you have to google it,research the market,but is the supplier is the your best choice?


There are many ways to choose the better supplier from China,but this is not our issue in this article,if you need to know more,please leave the message to me.


Back to Mr. Gary’s question,he need to know how to identify the better Chinese hose crimping machine,and we know the hydraulic hose crimper is a small and specialized filed in industry,this kind of machine has always been used for pressing the hydraulic hose and fittings to be hose assemble,also it could press the wire ropes or other big tubes.


So when you buy the crimper,what makes the hydraulic hose crimper price so different? it could be checked from the machine.many people only focus on price but ignore the details.the crimping machine is made of many parts,the key parts is the heart of the crimper,they caused the different quality,also make the price so different. Below is some key reasons that make you to choose a better crimper:


  1. Oil pump.It is the direct reason affect the crimping force,normally the factories have two choices,plunger pump and gear pump. the pressure of the plunger pump is bigger than gear pump,their price are also differenta lot,the low price pump may cause the oil leak. you can’t see the pump from outside,it is better for choosing a plunger pump imported from Europe,Japan or Taiwan.


  1. Motor.The good motorhassome advantages, better crimping efficience, low noise,few malfunction. you could use it for a long time. Some Chinese factories use a normal motor,even no brand,it reduces the cost, but also bring low quality, pay attention on that for your long time usage on the machine.


  1. Solenoid value,relief value and seal ring. There are a big price defference onthese three parts which made in China or imported from other countries,if your crimper price is very cheap,then these three partsmay be made by a unknown Chinese factory,these parts affect the stability of the hydraulic system and the service life, also they may affect the crimping speed. some crimpers need to change the seal ring when your machine used in a short time.However,you should know when your machine stop working,the first step to repair is to check your relief value.


  1. Dies and die base.The dies of the machine affect the crimping size and shape. factory have to custom the dies,if you need to crimp a special hose,and you need to pay more for it.You should know that the die base will affect the accuracy of crimping result,so you had better choose the double-slanted slide base.


All the parts are important for you to choose a better swaging machine. when I explain these factors to Mr.Gary,he still focus on the price,so I told him which brand of the part is good quality,and the price is also very competitive. As you know, many other elements will improve the performance of the hydraulic hose crimping machine, and we will talk more details later.